Producers and distributors of salt for both food and industrial use

MINERAL SALT HAS ITS OWN HISTORY: Since the Romans, the salt from the Sierra del Carche, the Jumsal salt, has served and has been a sustenance for Jumilla and its surroundings.

FROM THE BOWELS OF THE EARTH: The white gold of Jumilla is found in the bowels of the Carche where Jumsal continues with the work of our ancestors to serve humanity.

UNPOLLUTED SALT: Natural, clean and pure, maximum quality is what consumers ask for. So from Jumsal, a unique salt is achieved. In the depths of the Carche, free of contamination, is the salt that Jumsal offers to each and every one of his clients.

HIGH QUALITY PURE SALT: With an ancient history, from the bowels of Mother Earth, our salt has remained  free of contamination for millions of years.

Jumsal´s employees are very proud to be able to work with a salt that they extract from the interior of the earth, which has remained unchanged, and protected from the passage of time. This lets them know that the salt their family consumes is the purest and cleanest. 100% natural.

Our production

  • Dissolution
  • Exploitation
  • Mineral

The dissolution process in chemical mining is the technique applied to extract and recover minerals contained in a rocky matrix.



The exploitation system consists of drilling one or more boreholes,
that go through down to the base of the salt reservoir or to the desired depth
depending on the pumping features.



The next step to obtain the salt is the evaporation of the water contained in the brine. This can be achieved by using two different methods:
1) Evaporation in a thermo-compression plant and further crystallization.
2) Natural solar evaporation in ponds used as crystallizers for subsequent processing in the plant.